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This country's private education system differs from that of many other countries in that private boarding schools have long been regarded as the best form of education money can buy. Unfortunately, certain schools have been utilised to support the physical and sexual abuse of children whose parents have spent exorbitant tuition fees, probably to no end.


Any cloistered atmosphere where adults are allowed to be alone with children would eventually be a fertile ground for abuse if a paedophile manages to penetrate the staff. Some people are so cunning and manipulative that schools with lax reference checking procedures might unwittingly, and sometimes willingly, enrol a sex offender.

There are schools where the headmaster/warden is a paedophile who has attracted other people with a similar "interest" in youngsters. The abuse spreads undetected and is confirmed by the person in charge. In such circumstances, an inner sect or clique acts as a "ring" to pass children between itself.


Boarding schools are informally defined as privately sponsored, however the concept might encompass care homes where children live away from home but are paid by the Local Authority, and where education occurs both on and off the grounds. Such boarding schools were common until roughly 1985, when residential care for children was more popular.


Abuse against children who are separated from their parents is easier to plot and carry out because the child is no longer protected by their mother and father. Boarding in the private sector can begin as early as 6 or 8 years old. A youngster at this age is delicate and emotionally raw, having been separated from its parents. As a result, infiltrating and grooming a youngster is easy, something that many sex offenders have accomplished. As a result, the separation from parents and loss of affection are replaced with the false love of someone who has an ulterior aim to produce sexual satisfaction for themselves.

A group called "Boarding School Survivors" thinks that, in the absence of abuse, the boarding school education system is inherently flawed.


Many abusers, however, believe that there is nothing wrong with "paedophilia" because it means "love of a kid" in Ancient Greek, which they claim we all engage in as parents. Such convoluted logic is difficult to comprehend, but it is simple to instill in the mind of a willing individual with such tendencies.


Abuse in boarding schools is similar to abuse in other sorts of institutional settings, however it often includes:

  • Favorite children are chosen and given special care.
  • Provided with unique presents that other children do not receive in order to make them feel valued and appreciated
  • Invited to watch television late at night in the teacher's private quarters, a privilege granted only to a select few in an atmosphere where television viewing is limited.
  • Abuse occurs after youngsters are given alcohol or narcotics hidden in drinks and shown pornography.
  • Abuse that occurs away from school, such as on sports excursions, organised vacations, or in cars when being transported to and from school events, frequently in the abuser's private car.
  • Abuse committed by the school chaplain or vicar is frequently committed at the abuser's church or religious housing.
  • Abuse in the school stockroom or store area when the youngster is requested to "help clear away"
  • Abuse that occurs during school hikes or rural sporting activities such as cross-country running

When a child attempts to complain, he or she is frequently ignored, or worse, punished for lying.

The abuse can be categorised into physicalsexual, and emotional abuse.

Institutional Abuse can occur in the following locations:


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