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Welcome to the St. Anne's Junior School Group Action, which covers any anyone who alleges sexual or physical abuse while attending St. Anne's Junior School in Ancoats, Manchester, which was a Catholic school governed by a board of governors and administered by Manchester City Council.

John Mulligan, the school's headmaster from the late 1960s through the 1980s, is no longer alive. In 2006, Greater Manchester Police charged him with alleged child abuse on students, and he was sent to the Crown Court, but he was never tried due to ill health.

Current Legal Position

On October 22, 2015, His Honour Judge Platts of Manchester County Court agreed that the Court should case manage Claimants together, and ordered that anyone who wishes to be a Claimant should add their name to the existing case of OHG v Manchester City Council.

 As the Group is now closed then any late comer who wishes to proceed would have to satisfy the delay which has taken place since the Group closed with the attendant publicity. Any such case would have to proceed outside the Group.

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