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Rosehill, located in Longley Lane, Northenden, Manchester, was purchased by the Manchester Board of Guardians in September 1915 and opened as an Opthalmia School. It later became a Children's Convalescent Home before becoming a Residential Nursery for children under the age of five. The nursery was taken out on August 11, 1955, to make way for the boys from "Brookfield," which became "Rose Hill Remand Home" later that year.

Greater Manchester Police initiated Operation Cleopatra in April 1997. A dedicated team of more than 20 officers investigated over 350 reports of child abuse. Around 900 comments were collected from individuals who had spent time in 66 different homes over the course of three decades, including those at Rosehill.

The first Victims' Action Group was created in 2001 to seek compensation from Manchester City Council for child abuse experienced while in various council-run care homes. When Operation Cleopatra was terminated in 2002, six men were charged with a variety of offences. The final prosecution stemming from Operation Cleopatra began in 2004, and by 2007, damages totaling £2.27 million had been granted to 163 people in the first claimant group.

For individuals who missed the first deadline, a second victims' Action Group was established in 2008. In June 2010 the second Action Group led by Peter Garsden, was settled by way of an arrangement whereby Manchester City Council agreed to settle all claims in the group at a discount of 55% of the total value, but reserve the right to argue all issues other than time delay or "Limitation".


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