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Cut off Date 31st May 1999

The St. Vincent's & St Aidan's group action applies to any person who alleges that they were abused at any time whilst resident at the homes run by Nugent Care Society. For any advice or information other than what it on this site contact us. 

Because the cut off date passed so long ago, any new case would have to be pursued outside of the group. Whilst it was current most cases settled, but now time delay arguments would have to be very carefully considered .

Late Arrivals

To pursue a case so long after the deadline, any Claimant would have to present a good reason for why he has waited so long to come forward, and presumably has been unaware of any publicity.

Significantly, this Group Action was examined in detail by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in the Accountability and Reparations Module. This article in the Liverpool Echo describes the abuse and the position of the Defendant, Nugent Care Society in more detail, in particular an apology was given in the course of the Inquiry.


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