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Welcome to the Kirk Levington Group Action, which comprises anyone who claims sexual or physical abuse while incarcerated at Kirk Levington. The Home Office, now the Ministry of Justice, ran Kirk Levington, which housed boys aged 14 to 17 serving terms ranging from three weeks to four months.

Kirklevington was converted into an adult male resettlement jail in 1992.

It was a centre for what was coined at the time to be "short sharp shock" treatment which was a synonym for brutality

According to a BBC investigation, more than 350 former HMP Kirklevington detainees have come forward with complaints of abuse. Operation Magnolia, an ongoing investigation into the alleged abuse, has resulted in the arrest of two men but their release without prosecution. Nonetheless, authorities have stated that an investigation into charges of physical and sexual abuse is underway. The alleged abuse allegedly occurred between the 1960s and the 1990s.

Former inmates have questioned why the media have seemed to focus exclusively on alleged mistreatment at Medomsley Correctional Facility, although Kirklevington was "more dreaded".

As far as we are aware the Cleveland Police investigation based at Yarm, North Yorkshire is considerable and ongoing. We would encourage any victims to contact Operation Magnolia via the usual police contact number 101.

We urge anyone who has been abused in Kirklevington or Medomsley Correctional Centres to report the abuse to the police so that they can assist with their continuing investigations.


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