Greater Manchester Police examined Broome House care home in Didsbury, Manchester, as part of Operation Cleopatra. The Operation, which began in April 1997, investigated 66 care homes and over 350 reports of abuse; many of these complaints were made by children at the time but were ignored by authorities.

The investigation showed that Ronald Hall, a former warden of Broome House, was responsible for some of the abuse that occurred there. He was the Assistant Director of Manchester Social Services at the time of his arrest in 2001. Ronald Hall was sentenced to 11 years in prison for his role in the abuse at the care home, on 21 counts of sexual and bodily assault while serving as deputy at Broom House.

Ian Gray, another care home employee, was sentenced to 14 years in jail for serious sexual offences. Before the final prosecution in May 2004, a number of other males received lower penalties for abuse, including capturing indecent images of youngsters.

Greater Manchester Police gathered 922 statements and heard hundreds more complaints as part of their investigation. But, the guys who received sentences did so on the basis of evidence presented by a tiny number of victims.

Broome House was one of five institutions found to have been the site of several instances of sexual assault against workers. Rosehill in Northenden, Mobberley Boys School in Knutsford, Ellerslie in Altrincham, Lynwood, and Seymour Road Children's Home were the other locations. Former residents of the homes were heavily encouraged to join a group action against Manchester City Council by solicitors Abney Garsden in 2000.

The High Court in Manchester issued a Group Litigation Order in June 2001, when there were only 15 victims. However, by the time of the final hearing in March 2007, this total had climbed to 168. The victims were  given compensation by the High Court for the abuse they endured and the long-term effects it had on them.

This figure was later criticised as "pitiful" by main solicitor partner Peter Garsden.


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